~ In a Time of Trouble a Wild Exultation ~

New, full-length, full-band, full-bliss record
out OCTOBER 20 on Sinderlyn



~ slow going ~

New video for a new song for a new 7" you can buy here!

                                                                  See you out there if you're out there!

                                                                  See you out there if you're out there!

Northeast Tour with Lina Tullgren and Damian!


The Poetry Project
New Year's Day Marathon

2017 is already great. I'm very happy/honored to participate in this year's Poetry Project New Year's Day Marathon. It's a lovely stationary parade. I'll throw my streamers and candy in the 4-5 pm slot.

more info here



picture by Julia Ritchey

picture by Julia Ritchey

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Hello: I am a website. Can you feel the weight of my addition to the Borgesian phantasmagoria? Maybe I'm only just LIGHT ENOUGH to slip in without displacing too much water. In any case, it's good to be in the tub, although the water's looking tawny and everyone is shivering. 

This website will be useful for you if: 

  • You're interested in news, information, images, video evidence, concerts, or email addresses pertaining to Jaye Bartell's music
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  • You grew up with Jaye Bartell and are trying to see if he died or went to jail 
  • You came to this website by mistake on the way to The Merry Cobler and His Musical Alphabet

No matter your purpose, you're welcome here.